Friday, July 16, 2021


This is a friendly reminder that prior to conducting any controlled burns, there are certain requirements to follow. This includes letting the appropriate organizations know of your plans and obtaining a Burn Notification Number. These notification numbers have replaced burning permits.

You can get a free burn notification number by contacting your local SPSA Protection Area Office during business hours, 8am to 5pm.

When you call you will need to have the following information ready:
Name or organization responsible;
Contact number(s);
Mailing address;
Email address (if applicable);
Burn location(s); and
Purpose of the burn.

After you obtain your Burn Notification Number, please call the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency's Control Burn number, 1-866-404-4911, to let them know about your burn. This will help avoid unnecessary dispatches or firefighting resources to controlled fires.

Other things to note include:

  • Burn Notification Numbers expire at the end of the day following the day of issue. For brush piles only (defined in regulation as not less than two metres in height and three metres in diameter), the Burn Notification Number will expire at the end of the fourth day after the day of issue. All fires must be extinguished by the expiry date and time.
  • Most RM’s request that you contact them and let them know of your plans. You can find a directory to your local RM office here.

To find further information on this topic please visit

Please note, that if you do choose to conduct a controlled burn, the responsibilities of contacting the appropriate people and following the proper procedures fully reside on you. Andjelic Land is not responsible for any charges or failure of compliance related to any of these procedures.


The Andjelic Team