ESG - Environmental

Andjelic Land is committed to sustainable land practices and the overall soil health and diversification of lands across Saskatchewan. We understand the importance of keeping the soil on our land healthy. To make sure that we maintain good soil health on our lands, Andjelic partners with like-minded producers and maintains good relationships so we can work together to protect our farmland. Andjelic Land and the like-minded producers that farm our land make sure to comply with all relevant environmental laws.

Reduced C02 Emissions through Land Improvements

Andjelic Land has completed land improvements so that our producers are able to more efficiently farm the land they rent from us. After these land improvements have been completed, our producers are able to use their equipment more efficiently, reducing the number of turns, the time required and the chemicals used. Our producers are now able to use new technology such as sectional control, an innovative way to eliminate overlaps and save time and input costs. Our land improvements can lead to a 40% - 80% increase in efficiency, these are actual efficiency increases given to us by some of our tenants. Efficiency increases will vary by the number of obstacles each quarter had prior to improvements.

We have heard feedback from our producers that farm on our land where land improvements have been completed, that areas that used to take equipment 9-10 hours are now only taking 4-5 hours. This time saving means less CO2 emissions by equipment. Further to this, CO2 emissions from machinery are higher when the machinery accelerates, on land that has not been improved, the producer is decelerating and accelerating to steer their large equipment around bushes, rock piles etc. After land improvements have been completed by Andjelic Land, the producer is able to keep a steady speed and not push the machinery to emit more C02 than necessary.

This reduction in time required for machinery to be operating by our producers is experienced 5-7 times a year (producers typically bring equipment on the land for heavy harrowing, seeding, spraying multiple times as required, swathing, and combining). This equates to machinery running from 45-63 hours to 20-28 hours, for the same area and reducing C02 emissions by half while the producer gains more acres and time.

40,000 Green Acres

Andjelic Land is committed to sustainable land practices and the overall soil health and diversification of lands across Saskatchewan. As such, Andjelic Land owns 40,000 acres of green land that are not cultivated across the province. Although we focus on cultivated acres, we understand the importance and are committed to diversity and maintaining green acres in our portfolio. These 40,000 acres are comprised of pasture lands, native grass, wetlands, and trees. Andjelic Land intends to keep these spaces natural for the long term for wildlife species and their habitats across the province, protecting them, the ecosystems, and preserving biodiversity.

ESG - Social

Andjelic Land is an equal opportunity, safe and healthy workplace that supports every individual's rights and encourages diversity. Andjelic Land is proud to own land in Saskatchewan and is proud to say that we give back to the communities we operate in. See below for a few examples of how we give back.



Andjelic Land has proudly donated $20,000 to Field of STARS 2022. Because of donors/allies STARS was able to be there for over 1,000 missions last year in Saskatchewan.  

Tickets are now on sale for the fifth annual Field of STARS, presented by Nutrien event. Purchase tickets at to experience a country-themed event that includes dinner, networking, auction, and an exclusive concert.


Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine during this incredibly difficult time of war. This crisis is near and dear to the Andjelic team as we have employees and tenants with Ukrainian roots. To help the courageous people of Ukraine, Andjelic Land has donated to Meest Regina, a company providing humanitarian aid packages, and to Operation SmokeSignal, where the donations are used to buy satellite phones for Ukranians.

Click Here for more information on Meest Regina.

University of Regina

Andjelic Land has donated $50,000 to the University of Regina for their Agricultural facility. At Andjelic we recognize the importance of investing in the community, promoting research and development for the agricultural industry and supporting our Universities and students.

Langenburg Swimming Pool

Our team here at Andjelic Land Inc. is proud to be a part of the Saskatchewan agriculture community. It feels good to be able to give back to communities and RM’s that our farmers are from. Our COO, Eric Urzada remembers, as a kid, swimming in the Esterhazy outdoor pool - a crucial and memorable part of the town in the summer! Andjelic Land donated $5,000 to the new swimming pool at Langenburg.

Click Here to see details on the project

University of Saskatchewan

Andjelic Land has donated $50,000 to the University of Saskatchewan to establish the Andjelic Land Graduate Award in Agricultural Research. We recognize the importance of the University in the Agricultural industry and are proud to say that we have made this donation for the academic advancement of agriculture in Saskatchewan. This award was established by Robert Andjelic to reward academic achievement of graduate students at the College of Agriculture and Bioresources conducting research with the potential to significantly advance production agriculture.

Click Here for more information on the Bean Feed Awards.

Humboldt Broncos

The world was shocked by the tragic events that took place. We are at a loss for words and know that this post will not bring back our loved ones or those affected by this event. The one thing we do know is how strong this community is and the resilience that lives in the people of this amazing Province and Nation. One day at a time we will work together to heal these open wounds and find a way to honor those young lives that paid the ultimate sacrifice to follow their dreams and play the sport they deeply loved. From all of us at Andjelic Land we send our thoughts and love.

The Andjelic team made a contribution in 2018 to aid the victims and their families.

ESG - Governance

Andjelic Land Inc. is working to build an outline of our governance risks and opportunities and will update our corporate governance practices at a later date.