"Our parents got their dream to see us all back farming and you have been a huge part of Garret and my farming career already! Thank you for that, from the bottom of our hearts, you have been our Angel Mr. Andjelic, and you are changing more lives than just Garret and my family's lives, neighbors lives, and now people's from many other countries!"

- Travis Heide

A valued Andjelic Partner

Who We Work With

We work with people who love farming.

We work with soil-friendly farmers who are committed to feeding the soil that’s going to feed the world. We want partners who respect the need for continuous improvement of the land, from pH balancing to protecting mycorrhizal fungi networks.

We work with farmers starting at any scale who embrace innovation and are comfortable with moving up to large scale operations and tracts of land.

We work with young farmers or farm groups who have the knowledge, energy and commitment, but not the land they need.

We work with land-owners who want to augment their acreage to achieve economies of scale with modern equipment.