What does Andjelic Land look for in a tenant?

  • Land stewardship – namely optimizing soil health, leaving the land with as good, or better nutrients than before. How will you optimize this?
  • Strong financials - servicing a lease over the long term depends on the tenant’s financial health and ability to withstand volatility and risk.
  •  Progressive farm – using technology and modern practices (like zero/no-till) and other innovative ways maximize both healthy land and strong financial results.
  • Good industry references – historical relationships are important; we will be calling your industry contacts to hear about you.
  • Punctuality - in payment and communication. We strive to provide a quality tenant-landlord relationship and expect the same respect in return.
  • Saskatchewan – regionally local Saskatchewan-based producers may have preference subject to the above conditions being met. Bidders who bring a strong case with competitive pricing, a plan for land stewardship and evidence of financial strength, regardless of home jurisdiction will also be evaluated.