23 Quarters near Bredenbury

Cash Crop

5 Year Lease Term

Land Details

These 23 quarters are located southwest of the town of Bradenbury, in the RM’s of Fertile Belt #183 and Saltcoats #213 with convenient access onto super grid PR 629. These parcels consist of three consolidated packages allowing for improved efficiency. This package of land has had significant improvements over the past few years, including but not limited to, bush and obstacle removal, stone picking and breaking with a 30” disc to ensure proper seedbed prep and drainage. 


Featuring primarily Clay Loam and Loam soil types,  S2 Stones, T2 Topography, G Soil Classes and an impressive average final rating of 62. Crop history is available upon request. 

Available for rent 2020.

Andjelic is expecting bidding to starts for this package of land at $210,000/year + Property Taxes.

Our expected rate is based on many factors and is meant to add transparency to our leasing process. We accept all offers and encourage everyone to put their fairest bid in for review. We will accept the final offer after considering all aspects of the bid.

Bin Storage Available: No Bins     Buildings Available: No House     Irrigation: No Irrigation

Legal Land Descriptions:
NE 05-22-02 W2 EXT 0
SW 05-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NW 08-22-02 W2 EXT 1
SE 08-22-02 W2 EXT 0
SW 08-22-02 W2 EXT 1
NW 15-21-02 W2 EXT 0
SE 15-22-02 W2 EXT 8
SW 15-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NE 16-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NW 16-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NE 20-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NW 20-22-02 W2 EXT 0
SE 20-22-02 W2 EXT 1
SW 20-22-02 W2 EXT 0
SW 21-22-02 W2 EXT 0
NE 22-21-02 W2 EXT 0
NW 22-21-02 W2 EXT 0
SW 22-21-02 W2 EXT 0
NE 27-21-02 W2 EXT 0
NW 27-21-02 W2 EXT 0
SE 27-21-02 W2 EXT 0
SW 27-21-02 W2 EXT 3
SW 27-21-02 W2 Blk/Par A-Plan 101709525 Ext 4
SE 33-21-02 W2 EXT 0

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If you are interested in the above land package please take a moment to fill out our contact form. Provide us with some simple details such as contact information, the term and the starting rental rate you wish to offer us. Our team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss in more detail.

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