1,284 acres near Sheho

Cash Crop

5 Year Lease Term

Bids Closing: Friday, January 28, 2022

Average rental rate per acre in area: $70 - $85

Rental rate variance depends on the quality and efficiency of land.

Package Details

These 12 quarters are located in RM #276 Foam Lake and RM #275 Insinger. This consolidated package of land is located northwest of the town of Sheho just off of highway 16. Open to negotiation to include building and bins located on SE 30-30-09 W2 EXT 26. Lands were seeded to Canola in 2021.

Available for rent for 2022 crop year. 

Andjelic Land will evaluate all reasonable offers and encourages any interested producers to submit a bid. We will accept the final offer after considering all aspects of the bid. Andjelic Land Inc. Reserves the right to adjust the bid close date. Subject to sale closing March 2022.

Land Details
Parcel Info - Nov 25
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HOW TO BID: View the above video for a step by step walkthrough on how to submit a bid.

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