Over the past 40 years, Earth has lost one third of arable land due to erosion and pollution. In the coming 40 years, the global demand for food will soar. We can’t invent new arable land, but we can use what we currently have effectively.


Andjelic Land aims to be the preferred land lessor for Canadian farmers looking to compete on a global level while sharing in our belief of sustainable land management. Through collaboration with all levels of the agricultural industry, we partner with Canadian producers and communities to set the standard for leadership in sustainability and demonstrate the emergence of Canada’s agricultural industry on a international scale.

Sustainable Land Management


Land Improvements


Premium Sustainable LandTM

We Provide Premium Sustainable LandTM

We provide Premium Sustainable Land™ and achieve this through land improvements and collaboration with producers to adhere to sustainable land practices. The quality of land we seek, acquire and supply has been vetted extensively to meet our strict standards. Compromise is not an option, and it shouldn’t be for our partners either. Therefore, we are proud to offer the best land-based holdings for long-term lease.


As efficiency and capabilities of equipment and machinery advance, it is imperative that our land withstands current and future technological innovations. We provide producers with such land, with millions invested in land improvements to date, and a multitude of progressive improvement projects under way, we stand by the belief of increasing efficiency of all our land in production today for the benefit of our tenants.