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As a family owned and operated company with experience in commercial and farm real estate, our goal is to improve the farmland we lease. We feel our ability to remain grounded and focused on what matters, our tenants, and the Premium Sustainable Land™ we lease are what gives us an advantage over other landlords. In addition, with Saskatchewan’s central location and ease of export, we offer a wide range of opportunities for those wishing to rent farmland. Our sustainable land practices ensure prosperity for future generations and we maintain an open dialogue with our tenants to keep ourselves accountable. In short, a handshake still means something to us, and our success is shared.

The Andjelic Advantage

Trust & Transparency

We feel the foundation of any relationship worth having is built on trust and transparency. We trust our tenants to be proper stewards of our land and will treat it as if it were their own. We embrace transparency by always being open and available to our tenants.

Stability in Long-Term Lease

A successful business always has a long-term vision, one that aims to achieve grand things. A farm operation is no different, and that is one reason why we believe in signing long-term leases. It allows our tenants the ability to plan for the future without worrying about losing acres. We also know proper crop rotation and nutrient programs are key to soil health. By allowing long term-leases, we are able to encourage our tenants to plan a proper five-year crop rotation.

Land Improvements

Since our inception, we have dedicated millions each year to improve the farmland we own. We identify key projects that we feel have the greatest impact on our tenants farming the land. Not every project is about new acres coming online - some are dedicated to new grain storage, better road access, and increased efficiency during field operations.

Tenant Focused

Our tenants are some of the best producers in the world. Each day, we work to try and add value to them by listening to their suggestions. Without the hard-working men and women who lease our farmland, we would not have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing farming community in Saskatchewan. We hold the most respect for our tenants and will continue to strive to be trusted landlords that exceed expectations.

Sustainable Land Practice

Without the proper time and effort put into caring for our natural resources - soil and water - we will find ourselves unable to make a living in the future. Care must be taken to ensure we farm in a sustainable way so generations to come can feed the world.

Value-Add in Saskatchewan

For decades, Saskatchewan has been overlooked for investment dollars in downstream agriculture. Commodities have always been shipped out of the province, but that time has come to an end. Andjelic has been working with new industry players, government, and investors to drive new capital into the province for value-add business. The result is more competitive pricing for commodities you grow, less reliance on transportation by rail, and ultimately prosperity for the province as a whole with job creation.

Leasing vs. Buying: Farm Real Estate

It’s the age-old question – do you choose to buy land in Saskatchewan and browse farmland for sale, or do you lease? There are many pros to leasing – from the fixed costs and lowered financial risk, to having money available for operating capital, renting farmland allows you to fully focus on your operation.

As the preferred lessor to Canadian farmers, we want to make this decision an easy one. As our value to you, we offer stability in long-term leases, investment in land improvements, and listening to the needs of our tenants.