What We
Stand For


Andjelic Land aims to be the preferred land lessor for Canadian farmers looking to compete on a global level while sharing in our belief of sustainable land management. The Andjelic Advantage is our core roadmap to meet this mission and deliver the best leased lands to our tenants.

Proudly Located 
In Saskatchewan

We have chosen to operate in what we feel is one of North Americas strongest farming communities. Saskatchewan is not only home to some of the world’s best farm operations but also has a diverse amount of land and weather attributes. The province represents 40% of Canada's cultivatable land and is centrally located making export of commodities easy to either coast or south to the United States. These unique benefits across the province allow us to diversify our land holdings and offer a wide range of land and marketing opportunities to our tenants.

Lease Holdings

Andjelic Land currently has holdings in 85 Rural Municipalities across Saskatchewan making up over 210,000 acres under our ownership. We feel our holdings separates us from other land owners in the province as we are poised to grow with our tenants needs. As producers look to expand or diversify their geographic location we have the ability to accommodate such changes within our current land base. 

Our holdings are always changing as we acquire new land that meets our strict buying criteria or as current property comes up for rent within our existing holdings. Our View Available Land page will always be updated with our current land available for rent making it easy to see what is available in your preferred area. 


Our Team


Founder & CEO

Robert is no stranger to the world of hard work. As a young man in Winnipeg Robert got his start in the masonry business. As time passed he quickly realized there was a void in the commercial real estate market of developers who truly cared to design a building fit for its tenants and made to stand the test of time. Robert quickly rose to be one of the most sought after commercial real estate owner/ operator in the Winnipeg market place until his departure from the industry in 2007. In early 2011, Robert once again saw a need, this time in the agriculture industry, as it was lacking capital investment and a passion to improve the current land offerings to Canadian producers. Founded in his belief that Canada is home to the world’s best farm practitioners and armed with a passion to improve the efficiency and scale of the Canadian producer, Robert set out to create a company that would once again focus on improving the land we farm. To this day, you can find Robert driving from one location to the next checking on land improvement work and talking with our tenants about their future needs. Six years after starting his mission to provide farmers with Premium Sustainable Land™, Robert still feels like we are only starting to scratch the surface. The work continues!


Chief Operating Officer

Rob joined the Andjelic team in 2016 to help take Robert Andjelic’s vision and turn it into reality. Rob has been involved in several Canadian start-ups that have all gone on to earn a lasting place in their respective industries. Like Robert Andjelic, Rob believes that the future is extremely bright for Canadian producers and is excited with the work we do each day at Andjelic Land to empower the producers of today and tomorrow.


Leasing Manager

Scott has been with the Andjelic team since 2014 helping Robert Andjelic achieve his vision. With a history in the food industry, Scott has firsthand experience seeing the impact food production and ingredient quality has on our society. As the leasing manager, Scott oversees the daily activities of our land and farm portfolio ensuring that our current and future tenants are heard and represented.


Property & Tenant Manager

Stephanie joined the Andjelic team in 2016 after spending time in the commercial real estate market. Stephanie brings a new level of energy to the Andjelic team and is always striving to make our systems better for our tenants. As Andjelic continues to grow we want to continue to provide the same level of support we pride ourselves on with less time commitment required from our tenants. Stephanie is a critical part in that commitment remaining a reality as the company continues to grow.


Field and Tenant Coordinator

Lyle has an expansive agricultural background having farmed for over 35 years growing grains, oilseeds and pulses in Saskatchewan. When Lyle retired from farming he worked for the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation as an adjuster and Program Advisor where he gained years of experience viewing different crops in different areas of the province. As our field and tenant coordinator, Lyle spends much of his time on the road making sure our land is to the standard all our tenants have come to expect. He is just a phone call away and always open to grabbing a coffee to discuss tenants needs or anything farming related with other producers.


Office Administrator

Gabriella has seen her father in action for many years now and has never ceased to be amazed by his conviction to achieve a vision once he has started. As a dedicated mother of four and the office administrator for the Andjelic team Gabriella is a busy woman. However, she always finds time to fit it all in and still end the day with a smile.