Saskatchewan, Canada

We have chosen to operate in what we feel is one of North Americas strongest farming communities. Saskatchewan is not only home to some of the world’s best farm operations but also has a diverse amount of land and weather attributes. The province represents 40% of Canada's cultivatable land and is centrally located making export of commodities easy to either coast or south to the United States. These unique benefits across the province allow us to diversify our land holdings and offer a wide range of land and marketing opportunities to our tenants.

Where We Are Located

Land Holdings

Andjelic Land currently has holdings in 84 Rural Municipalities across Saskatchewan making up over 203,000 acres under our ownership. 

We feel our holdings separates us from other land owners in the province as we are poised to grow with our tenants needs. As producers look to expand or diversify their geographic location we have the ability to accommodate such changes within our current land base. 

Our holdings are always changing as we acquire new land that meets our strict buying criteria or as current property comes up for rent within our existing holdings. Our View Available Land page will always be updated with our current land available for rent making it easy to see what is available in your preferred area.